AJ-PLAIN: Plain polystyrene particles

Polystyrene particles synthesized by emulsion polymerization with very narrow size distribution. Commonly used for physical adsorption of proteins to the surface of the particles in applications like turbidimetry, slide agglutination…



  • Particle size: from 50 to 2000 nm.
  • Cleaning process.


AJ-Plain particles are used in diagnostic applications (turbidimetry, nephelometry, slide agglutinations …), as calibration standards, colloidal models…

Examples of reference codes to identify the latexes

  • AJ08: Dispersion of particles with a mean particle size of 80 nm.
  • AJ20: Dispersion with a mean particle size of 200 nm.
  • AJ20-Clean: Precleaned dispersion with a mean size of 200 nm.
  • AJ1000: Dispersion with a mean particle size of 1000 nm.