AJ-DYED: Dyed polymer particles

AJ-Dyed particles are intensively dyed microparticles with high uniformity in the colour. The main characteristic of these particles is that the dye is located in the particle, and leaching to the aqueous phase is not detectable.



  • Particle size: from 50 to 2000 nm.
  • Colour: red, dark blue, green, sea blue, violet…
  • Colour intensity: low, medium and high.
  • Functionality: -COOH, -CH2Cl, -SO3, -NH+
  • Parking area of the functional group: from 15 to 200 Å2/group.
  • Cleaning process.


AJ-Dyed particles are used in immunochromatography or slide agglutination diagnostic kits in which is necessary to magnify the Ab-Ag reaction by the inclusion of the colored dispersion.

Examples of reference codes

  • AJ20COOH-B: Mean particle size 200 nm. Surface carboxyl groups. Blue latex.