IKERMAG: Superparamagnetic latex particles

IKERMAG is the trademark of IKERLAT’s magnetic particles. IKERMAG particles stand out due to their narrow particle size distribution (PSD) compared to other suppliers. It has been proven that this property plays a relevant role in avoiding problems like heterogeneities, lack of reproducibility…


In addition, IKERMAG particles feature similar binding capacity when compared to best in class reference suppliers. As a result, these particles are considered best candidates when using in CLIA, protein purification, DNA-RNA extraction…

This assertion is confirmed by the excellent feedback reported by our customers.

Like in other IKERLAT’s products we guarantee an excellent lot to lot reproducibility together with the high quality of the dispersions.

Do not hesitate to check them in your systems!


Main properties

  • Monodispersity: Avoids problems of heterogeneities and improves reproducibility
  • High binding capacity: Via physical adsorption or chemical coupling with carboxyl groups
  • No foam formation: IKERMAG particles are soap free and therefore easy to handle, making the process more efficent
  • Fast separation speed: Fast separation process under the influence of a magnetic field. Magnetic charge can be modified on demand to adjust this parameter
  • Superparamagnetic particles: Due to this property, the particles are easily redisperable


Application fields

  • Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA)
  • Protein purification
  • DNA-RNA extraction
  • Cell isolation

Available references

Particle Size
Functionality Magnetic Charge (%) Parking Area (A2/group) Surface Charge Density
AJ1100COOH-Mag 1102 -COOH 30 7 233
AJ1100COOH-Mag 1124 -COOH 25 9 170
AJ90COOH-Mag 849 -COOH 30 13 123
AJ60COOH-Mag 592 -COOH 30 11 145
AJ60COOH-Mag 592 -COOH 25 17 96
AJ60COOH-Mag 581 -COOH 15 30 53
AJ35COOH-Mag 345 -COOH 30 19 83
AJ35COOH-Mag 354 -COOH 25 19 86