Research and development

  • Introduction

    R&D is a key aspect in IKERLAT Polymers. Our R&D efforts are focused in three main areas:

  • Internal

    We are constantly working in the development of new products , as well as improving current processes.

  • Collaborations with companies

    Since the first contacts with the different companies, IKERLAT Polymers has aided his customers in the development of new diagnostic kits.

    Due to the solid background and experience, IKERLAT Polymers can play a key role in all the projects that require the use of specific polymer particles. The aim of IKERLAT Polymers is to offer a personalized support, working together with the customer.

    If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Types of collaborations:

    • Personalized: customer-IKERLAT Polymers.
    • Consortium: Companies, Technological Centers, Universities… IKERLAT Polymers has been participated in different projects of the Basque (Gaitek) and Spanish Governments (Petri, CDTI, Torres Quevedo).
  • Collaborations with universities

    IKERLAT Polymers provides their products to renowned universities and technological centers all over the world.

    IKERLAT Polymers products have been used in different research areas like colloidal models, diagnostics, photonic crystals, protein purification systems…

    If you are interested in our products or looking for a new product and you need a quotation, please contact us.